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Content and Graphic Design

We create custom content including graphic design, copywriting, animation, motion graphics and video production. As we specialize in branding and technical execution, we will ensure that your content conforms to your branding guidelines and industry best practices.

Structural Design and Fabrication

Our team can create your custom trade show booth, interactive information kiosk, photo kiosk, pop-up store or exhibit structure. From material selection to special effects and enhanced features, we can tailor your structure to achieve your branding and functional goals.

Promotional Products

moxie b2b provides promotional products and corporate gifts designed to meet your branding needs. Whether for everyday use, trade show, holiday gift or for a special event, we will provide you with promotional product selections that tie-in to your specific context.

Digital Signage and Video Walls

Self-contained or network-based LCD and projection digital signage systems for in-store, environmental or trade show installations, provide for an efficient delivery of audiovisual content in public spaces such as malls, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings.

Visual Content Creation

Not only can we provide you with LCD screen and projection system solutions for your digital signage objectives, but we can also create the related custom content. With extensive branding experience our team can create motion graphics, animation, copywriting and video production, which conforms to your branding guidelines and clearly articulates your message. By creating both the content and the form of your digital signage, we can ensure universal consistency and quality.

In-Store Digital Signage

Whether you have one or multiple retail locations, in-store digital signage enables you to inform your customers about new products and services in a visually engaging manner. All digital signage can conveniently be updated remotely from your office with either store-specific or universal content for multiple stores. The signage may be housed in either an off-the-shelf display case, or a custom-fabricated piece to match the design of your retail location and brand.

Environmental Digital Signage

Either as one installation or multiple placements within a single venue, environmental digital signage captures the attention of passerby. These types of installations are ideal in public spaces, such as malls, museums, stadiums, hotels and corporate buildings. We can create the custom content for your environmental digital signage and ensure that it conforms to the locale’s display specifications. Or, we can custom fabricate display selections to reflect your brand and message.

Trade Show Digital Signage

In a typically noisy environment, trade show digital signage advantageously attracts event attendees’ attention, through its large, bright projection featuring your brand’s products or services. It may function as either a stand-alone system or can integrate with your trade show booth. Our team can both create the custom content for your Trade show digital signage and ensure that it conforms to any applicable display specifications, or custom fabricate display selections.

Touchscreen Interactive Kiosks

Self-contained or network-based interactive kiosks for in-store, environmental or trade show installations, provide for an efficient delivery of audiovisual content in public spaces such as malls, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings.

Content Development

We can provide you with the form, a state-of-the-art kiosk, and the function, robust custom content. As we specialize in branding and technical execution, we will ensure that your content conforms to your branding guidelines, along with User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), stable code standards and best practices. Such interactive technology both attracts and engages the user, resulting in a positive customer experience, repeat usage, and increased brand awareness.

Interactive Education

Interactive kiosks provide an unsurpassed tool for individuals to learn about a particular subject area. End-users interact with the content on a one-on-one basis at their own pace. These solutions are ideal for use in medical clinics, museums, waiting room areas, and retail stores—the result is both brand and education awareness. Explore a portion of a breast self-exam educational tool we developed for a client.
Viewable only on a computer with Adobe Flash installed.

Product Simulators

Product simulator kiosks enable customers to explore and better understand the use of a product prior to purchase. This is especially useful for customers who are surrounded by so many options, that they need relevant guidance in making their selections. These interactive kiosks also remove the burden from your staff in managing multiple customers. Explore the nail polish color selector we developed for Np2 Cosmetics.
Viewable only on a computer with Adobe Flash installed.

Product Brochures

Product brochure kiosks provide customers with more in-depth product and service information so they can make more informed purchase choices. While new customers can explore their options by reviewing the digital product brochure, your sales team can focus on assisting customers who have already narrowed down their selections. Explore the interactive brochure we developed for DUXIANA.
Viewable only on a computer with Adobe Flash installed.

eCommerce and POS Solutions

Design and development of entry and enterprise level eCommerce solutions, from Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento, for start-up shops and established retailers. Company, school or organization branded stores featuring branded merchandise for corporate brand loyalty, school spirit and fund raising. Online store and in-store integrated POS systems.

eCommerce Design and Development

Our eCommerce solutions provide the scalability, flexibility, security and rich features retailers need to tap into an online audience. Our design and development team will ensure the correct online store setup and configuration for your industry, and the customization required to match your brand, your content and functionality requirements. We have standardized on robust eCommerce platforms from entry to enterprise levels from Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento.

Online Stores from Small to Large

We tailor our eCommerce solutions to suit your needs. Whether your online shop is just launching, or you’re ready to expand your online presence and retail locations, or you “think big” and wish to go global with your product offerings. We have standardized on scalable and robust solutions from Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento. Not only do these solutions provide options for your immediate goals, but also they offer you a future growth plan as your requirements and market share increase.

Branded Company Storefronts

To compliment your promotional product purchases through moxie, we offer eCommerce solutions to enable you to sell your preselected products, branded with your logo, directly to your audience. These solutions are ideal for companies that would like to increase brand loyalty with their employees and clients, for schools that would like to enhance school spirit, and for organizations to expand their fund raising efforts. Your storefront may be either public or password protected.

POS Software Integration

When you need an online store solution to complement the sales through your pop-up shop, retail booth or brick-and-mortar locations, our eCommerce solutions provide a critical link for in-store POS systems to integrate seamlessly. Our POS solutions enable you to accept payments anywhere, with a mobile device, or through a permanent fixture on you shop’s counter. With our POS solutions, your sales figures, inventory control and client data remain fully synchronized.

Trade Show Displays and Exhibits

Trade show displays and exhibits extend beyond the trade show floor. Convenient tools like pop-up banners and modular displays allow for flexibility and transportability to bring your brand to your customer’s attention at your store, office or sponsored event. For extraordinary impact custom exhibits take command.

Structural and Visual Design

From graphic design to the design and fabrication of the structure itself, our team can provide you with both the form and function for your exhibit. Our team evaluates each project from an architectural, branding, graphic design, and logistical perspective. We work with you on each and every detail from the ground up, including: spatial considerations, material selection, design and color, storage, lighting and installation.

Pull-Up Banners and Step & Repeats

Pull-up banners command attention and serve as great go-to pieces for product announcements, special events or store promotions. They are cost-effective, and easily store and transport. Companies often opt for Step & Repeats for a special event as the backdrop for photos. Think red carpet, product launch or sponsored event.  As their graphics can be replaced, your investment in the hardware can go further.

Pop-Up Modular Displays

Pop-up modular displays provide strong presence and visibility at trade shows, in-store demonstrations and at sponsored events. With plenty of standard options to choose from, modular displays range in a myriad of sizes and features. We also provide options for the materials and lighting, so that you can maximize showcasing your brand. Conveniently, we can update and replace the panel’s graphics for your displays.

Custom Designed Exhibits

Custom designed exhibits provide the opportunity for creating the ultimate branding impact and ensuring that your company stands apart from the rest. Whether for a trade show, museum exhibit or pop-up store, we can design and fabricate your custom exhibit. From graphic design to material selection, to special effects and enhanced features, we can tailor your custom exhibit to achieve your branding and functional goals.

Photo Taking and Sharing Kiosks

Stand-alone kiosks or fixture based photo systems for corporate parties, in-store promotions, trade shows or special events provide for interactive customer engagement in an entertaining fashion. Customers walk away with a souvenir photo and digitally share their experience via social media.

Branded Photo Taking Kiosks

Photo kiosks and stations offer an extra element of fun and serve as great branding exposure. Not only can we customize one of our standard photo kiosks with your branding, but we can also fully fabricate kiosks and stations to match your brand. The photo kiosks and stations we provide are fully automated, and involve just the push of a button. People can see themselves on the screen, along with your branding and product information, and strike a pose.

Branded Glossy Photo Prints

Whether for a grand opening, trade show, holiday party or other occasion, we customize the graphics that will appear on your photos. Each picture will feature your logo, event theme and desired information. Various photo sizes are available ranging from a pocketable 2x6 photo strip to a large 8x10 keepsake. Beautifully bright, colorful and glossy photos print out in seconds. Your guests will appreciate the photos both instantly and every time they look at them.

Social Media Photo Sharing

As with the printed photos, the digital photos are instantly available for users to share on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This not only adds an extra layer of fun and user engagement, but also spreads the word about your brand or event through each user’s social media reach. Users are securely and logged in and automatically logged out without storing login credentials. In addition, users may conveniently email or SMS their photos.

Data Capture and Tracking

As an added benefit, our software captures user data, which enables you to measure the initial reach of your photos as of the end of the photo session. For example, if one user shares a post on Facebook and has 700 friends, then the potential reach equals 700. If a user emails or sends a photo via SMS the software will capture each email address and phone number. In turn, your business development team can review relative customer engagement.

Strategic and Marketing Consulting

Strategic and marketing consulting involves applying branding, marketing, technical and planning expertise to your company’s special events and product and service launches. These may include brand ambassadorship, event logistics and management and critical analysis of all marketing related endeavors.

External Marketing Arm

moxie can function as your go-to marketing department, or an extension of your existing marketing team. We collaborate with you to develop strategic marketing initiatives that reflect your brand, mission objectives, target demographic and within your budget. We’ll manage your marketing resources, including vendor selection and negotiation. Our team will weigh-in on all items including marketing campaign ideas, special events and promotional products.

Corporate Event Consultation

moxie provides event consultation services for your corporate events, such as trade shows, conferences, or client appreciation parties. We prepare strategic ideas and practical insights for each event down to every detail. Our team will manage venue options, catering and entertainment services, vendor selection and negotiation. To boot, we will handle all related logistics from permits to paperwork. Further, all of our recommendations will tie-in with your brand, theme, and budget.

Product and Service Launches

After investing many resources into developing a new product or service, you want to ensure a successful launch. With branding expertise, technical know-how and marketing savvy, our team can design and execute your next product or service launch. Our team will manage all selections, including venue, catering and entertainment services and equipment. We will negotiate rates on your behalf and serve as your point of contact for all product or service launch related items.

Brand Ambassadorship

When your company has multiple events and needs auxiliary team members, we can serve as your brand ambassadors. We will represent your company at special events, such as trade shows, product launches, in-store demonstrations and guerilla marketing initiatives. Our brand ambassadors not only enjoy the spotlight but also have extensive marketing, branding, public speaking and on-camera experience. Indeed, they will represent your company as if it were their own.

Social Media and Content Marketing

Social media involves extending the reach of your brand and expanding your consumer base through specific text and visual driven social media forums. Content Marketing engages consumers by creating strategic, topical and informative material that builds credibility and appeals to your target audience.

Written Content Social Media

moxie can create your social media pages from scratch or build upon your existing pages and take your fan base to the next level. For text driven social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ we will create original posts designed to appeal to and engage your target audience. Each post will reflect your brand, industry trends and best practices. moxie will also continually monitor activity and manage social engagement.

Visual Driven Social Media

For visual driven social media sites, such as Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest moxie can create new pages for your company, or optimize your current pages. We can provide original photos or appropriate stock photos for your posts. With an in-house video production team, we can edit your existing footage or shoot new footage in a way that better reflects your brand and message. Our posts and efforts will increase your following and audience interaction.

Content Marketing and Blogging

Our team can craft novel content marketing pieces ranging from white papers to newsletter articles and blog posts. For each project we'll combine your desired topic and related notes with research and content marketing best practices. moxie will work with you to develop your customized content marketing plan and goals. Further, we will deploy analytics and provide you with ongoing reporting to gage the relative success of each content marketing segment.

Mobile and Desktop Email Marketing

moxie can handle your email marketing initiatives, from designing a template for your team to work with, or creating a customized HTML email blast. We can prepare the visual, written and programming elements for your email for you to send on your own, or we can orchestrate the blast for you. Our team can also design email blasts for use with third-party online advertising vendors and coordinate all related efforts.

Promo Products & Greeting Cards

Merchandise branded with your company logo that is useful, noteworthy and fun that serves as an extension of your brand. From everyday items such as bags, and pens to designer watches, and everything in-between. Corporate gifts, often higher-end merchandise, show customer and employee appreciation. Greeting cards are customizable for personal or business use.

Promotional Products and Creative Consultation

moxie b2b provides companies with two options for selecting their promotional products and corporate gifts—the full moxie™ or moxie à la carte™.

The full moxie™ provides individualized creative consultation so that your promotional product selections are tailored to meet both your branding and practical needs. Our creative consultants will go over all of the details with you, such as how you intend to distribute the items, your budget, your deadline, your target demographic, your particular preferences and previous promotional items. We apply our creative insight and marketing savvy to each and every project, with an emphasis on how to use promotional products as brand enhancing tools. We enjoy over a decade of experience, which is reflected in our creative approach and attention to detail and logistics.

moxie à la carte™ is for companies that would like to explore our promotional product and corporate gift offerings on their own via the moxie online store. Through moxie’s online store, you can access our extensive promotional items database, and can search for products by keyword, category or price. Prior to placing your order, our creative consultants can assist you in fine-tuning your choices, ordering samples and confirming pricing and availability.

Corporate and Personal Greeting cards and Event Invitations

paperiebox.com offers a vast selection of both customizable and stock greeting cards and event invitations, for personal and business use, including: holidays, special occasions, celebrations, thank you notes, and announcements. You can order greeting cards in quantities of 25 through 1,000+. Our ordering process is simple, and our production time is quick and reliable.

Cards can be personalized in a variety of ways to capture your own or your company's style and personality — customers can even upload their company logo for better branding exposure. For even greater personalization and fun, you can upload your photos and type your own message to create perfect custom photo cards. Also, you can opt for extra convenience by ordering return address printing, quick seal envelopes, and envelope recipient addressing, to boot!

Many of the PaperieBox greeting cards are made in the USA, made from recycled paper and printed with environmentally friendly non-toxic Agri-based ink.

Beyond greeting cards, PaperieBox also offers a complete selection of customizable and stock party supplies, ranging from napkins to place cards, to peel & stick bows and beyond.


What our clients say

“On behalf of Glenda Davis, President, Fujitsu FBCS, I would like to thank you for your assistance during our annual National Sales Meeting. The animations where very well received and a big hit! We would like to thank you for working under strict deadlines and for helping us in this endeavor.”

Fujitsu Barbara Wingle, Director, Market Operations

“Back from summer vacation and would like to thank you for the supper help you gave us at the Bastille Day Celebration Street Fair. Yours very sincerely”

Lillet Wine Valérie-Anne Rouzineau, Brand Manager

“Moxie has always provided us with great ideas and more importantly, the ability to deliver to us within the necessary time frame… Knowing the clients style and offering options outside the norm to make a great impression…”

DUX Interiors, Inc. Nancy Cacchioli, Executive Assistant, DUX Interiors, Inc. New York, NY

“I think the two things that set you [moxie] apart from others is the breadth of quality merchandise and your customer service. You [moxie] always go the extra mile to help us out!”

University of Michigan Kathy Noble, Vice President Research, New Product Development and Program Implementation, The Alumni Association,University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

“Whenever I’ve needed help with marketing or advertising, I’ve turned to Moxie. Their support was more like a good friend giving advice and direction rather than a regular business transaction. I like that kind of support.”

DUX Interiors, Inc. Bob Parrinello, Retail Sales Manager, DUX Interiors, Inc. New York, NY

“Jennie is a very creative, ‘out of the box’ thinker in terms of goods and services. I have seen her work in a variety of situations, and she really knows how to deliver on what she promises, and she goes the extra mile (or 10!) in all she does. I would highly recommend using her not just for sourcing premium items and giveaways, but for her creative input that can lead to more business success.”

FMV Opinions, Inc. Marcia Nelson, Senior Vice President Business Development, FMV Opinions, Inc. New York, NY

“[Moxie] can accomplish the impossible with ease. They created and delivered custom pens with less than 2 days notice. Excellent attention to customer needs. [Moxie premiums] always presented me with such appropriate merchandise, that selection is a pleasure. Wide variety of high-end items. [Moxie] never ceases to surprise the recipient with a great product.”

Keith Fisher, DDS Dr. Keith Fisher, DDS, New York, NY

“Our design project and the mailing of it were handled by the talented, friendly staff of moxie. Stellar marketing ideas, reasonable pricing, and cross-trained employees give us a reason to return and are what puts moxie premiums in a class by itself.”

Center for Vulvovaginal Disorders Ruth Bradford, Office Manager, Center for Vulvovaginal Disorders, Washington, DC

“Moxie and its consultants have a great understanding of the marketplace, marketing and what’s possible to support your business. From the basic business needs of designing logos, websites and stationery items to strategizing with the truly creative marketing tools that make your business memorable, Jennie Azoulai and her team are the ones to collaborate with to maximize your business and make a lasting impression.”

ESP Press, Corp. Jennifer S. Wilkov, Publisher & Author, ESP Press Corp., New York, NY

“moxie has done work for my charity golf outing for the NY Brain Tumor Project for 3 years now. Jennie has found the perfect items for me at the right price, and most importantly worked under almost impossible deadline constraints to get things to me on time. She has been available around the clock, on weekends and even through child birth. In addition, Jennie has been a wonderful supporter and friend of the charity through her donations of her time and products.”

Weill Cornell Medical College Wendy Pflaum, Project Leader, NY Brain Tumor Project, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, NY

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