Consumer Intelligence

Social Media Strategy, Content Development, and Platform Management

We analyze which social media platforms will achieve the most momentum and ROI for your brand. Our sophisticated solutions enable you to deliver personalized campaigns across multiple online and offline channels.

Social Media Platform Planning

We work with you to identify which platforms best fit your brand. From leading ones like Facebook and YouTube to niche, such as Delicious and Tumblr, we select platforms that are ideal for your industry and target audience.

Target Audience Analytics

We capture and analyze your customer social media activities and social media reach. In turn, we leverage this data to build unique audience profiles and identify your most valuable segments—all in real time, across multiple marketing channels.

Engaging Email Campaigns

We design and compose personalized, contextual email messages full of content of interest to each individual recipient. Plus, with A/B and multivariate tests, we can determine the most successful content with the highest level of engagement.