We Eloquently Tell Your Brand’s Story

By getting to know your brand from the inside out, we artfully craft each narrative. From a succinct social media post to website copy to copious presentations, we apply your messaging strategy. Moxie also handles your corporate responsibility and reputation management. And, with our translation services we can convert your story into multiple languages.

We Visually Make Your Brand Look Good

We design compelling visuals that reflect your brand’s essence. Our expertise spans across all mediums—both on-screen and in print. So, from the design of enterprise level websites to mobile apps, to PowerPoint presentations, corporate brochures and annual reports, moxie’s work product portrays your brand in the best light possible.

We Cleverly Engage Your Audience

Our seasoned copywriters, coders and marketers approach content from an audience engagement and data capture perspective. The content’s form ranges from traditional to out-of-the-box marketing. From blog and social media posts to guerrilla marketing and information kiosks, we develop captivating content and valuable data capture.

moxie Serves As Your External Marketing AND Creative Team

moxie can function as your de facto marketing department, or as an extension of your internal marketing team. We methodically collaborate with you to develop strategic marketing initiatives that reflect your brand, mission and budget. We design each endeavor in such as way as to attract your target demographic and accordingly achieve your sales objectives.



We Embody Your Brand’s Identity

With each new moxie client comes extensive research on your brand, your history and your industry. Indeed, each member of our team serves as an extension of your brand and through that perspective creates compelling content and material. So much so, that quite often colleagues think that our clients’ businesses are our own.

A Scalable Team With Talent-On-Demand

Moxie’s team expands and contracts to suit each project, or as we see it, creative mission. So, we always have top-notch team members on the ready. We are set to assist you in gearing up for ongoing marketing initiatives and preparing for extraordinary endeavors – such as a product launch, special event or trade show.

Reduced and Predictable Marketing Costs

As your external marketing team, moxie provides you with both cost predictability and savings. Together, we establish your priority creative initiatives and deliverables and accordingly adjust them to your working budget. As we handle your marketing endeavors, it effectively reduces your employee downtime, training and operational costs.

Case Study

Taking Over
The World

Learn how moxie helps GardaWorld improve their corporate image and brand recognition.

See for yourself


Information Development, Copywriting and Storytelling

We tell YOUR story. By getting to know your brand from the inside out, we artfully craft each and every narrative. From a succinct social media post to website copy to copious presentations and annual reports, your message comes through.

Narrative Planning and Messaging Strategy

Content Creation and Storytelling

Reputation Management and Corporate Responsibility

Multilingual Copywriting and Translation

“Many A Small Thing
Has Been Made Large
By The Right Kind
Of Storytelling.

Attributed to Mark Twain


We analyze which social media platforms will achieve the most momentum and ROI for your brand. Our sophisticated solutions enable you to deliver personalized campaigns across multiple online and offline channels.

Social Media Platform Planning

We work with you to identify which platforms best fit your brand. From leading ones like Facebook and YouTube to niche, such as Delicious and Tumblr, we select platforms that are ideal for your industry and target audience.

Target Audience Analytics

We capture and analyze your customer social media activities and social media reach. In turn, we leverage this data to build unique audience profiles and identify your most valuable segments—all in real time, across multiple marketing channels.

Engaging Email Campaigns

We design and compose personalized, contextual email messages full of content of interest to each individual recipient. Plus, with A/B and multivariate tests, we can determine the most successful content with the highest level of engagement.

Design and Production
of On-Screen and Printed PowerPoint Presentations

With our branding, visual design and technical expertise, your on-screen presentations and matching printed handouts will make a strong and memorable impression on your audience—all with the presentation tools of your preference, including PowerPoint and Apple Keynote.

Slide Deck and Printed Handout Design

The look of the deck you present to your audience and the feel of the printed handout they keep, are critical to the reinforcement of your message and expression of your brand.

Motion Graphics and Animation

Within a few seconds, a beautifully shot and edited video or a full-motion animation, will tell your story in a far more impactful and effective way than a collection of static slides.

Branded Slide Deck Template Design

While generic PowerPoint templates are convenient, branded decks convey your message through the strength and distinction of your brand far more effectively.

Infographic, Chart and Graph Design

When using generic diagrams, the viewer thinks ‘same chart, different data’. But, by uniquely depicting your data in a compelling way, your viewer is far more engaged.

“The success of your presentation will be judged not by the knowledge you send but by what the listener receives.”

Lilly Walters


> Press Release Writing & Distribution
> Product & Service Launches
> Corporate Event Logistics
> Brand Ambassadorship


> Platform Planning & Implementation
> Website & Blog Content Management
> Integration of Social Media Platforms
> Branded Swag Company Online Stores


> Annual Reports & Corporate Brochures
> Collateral Design & Production
> Business Cards & Stationary Automation
> Interactive Digital Flip Books

Property Graphics and Signage

> Wall Graphics & Messaging
> Trade Show Booths & Banners
> Vehicle Graphics & Wraps
> Digital Signage

Mobile App And Information
Kiosk Development

> Apple iOS & Android Apps
> Enterprise App Deployment
> Interactive Product Demonstrators
> User Data Capture

Promotional Products, Corporate Gifts And Greeting Cards

Merchandise branded with your company logo that is useful, noteworthy and fun swag that serves as an extension of your brand. From everyday items such as bags, and pens to designer watches, and everything in-between. Corporate gifts, often higher-end merchandise, show customer and employee appreciation. Greeting cards are customizable for personal or business use.



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Fujitsu FBCS
“On behalf of Glenda Davis, President, Fujitsu FBCS, I would like to thank you for your assistance during our annual National Sales Meeting. The animations where very well received and a big hit!” ~ Barbara Wingle, Director, Market Operations

“A vision for more complex long term initiatives and meticulous attention to the daily details. Whether advising on the selection of color values for our logo, or orchestrating the proper execution of new collateral for our brand showed through in every project.” ~ Nathalie de Champlain, VP of Marketing & Communications


“Back from summer vacation and would like to thank you for the supper help you gave us at the Bastille Day Celebration Street Fair. Your’s very sincerely.” ~ Valérie-Anne Rouzineau, Brand Manager


We encourage and welcome interns to join our team. Whether for class credit or to gain insight into the ins-and-outs of a small business, our interns walk away with many lessons and valuable experiences. Please complete our contact form and mention internship in your message.


As a boutique firm we do not hire often, however we are always on the lookout for creative and talented individuals to join our team. Please complete our contact form and mention job inquiry in your message, and send us a link to your resume and (if applicable) portfolio.