We are a team of strategists and creatives who redefine how startups and multinational companies engage with their customers

What We Do

We Eloquently Tell Your Brand’s Story

By getting to know your brand from the inside out, we artfully craft each narrative. From succinct social media posts to ad campaigns to copious website copy to your corporate responsibility and reputation management, we apply your messaging strategy. And, with our translation services we convert your story into multiple languages.

We Make Your Brand Look Beautiful

We design compelling visuals that reflect your brand’s essence. So, from the design of enterprise level websites, PowerPoint presentations, corporate brochures and annual reports, and even your trade show booth and matching promotional products, moxie’s work product translates your brand into a delightful user experience.

We Cleverly Engage Your Audience

Our seasoned copywriters, coders and marketers approach content from an audience engagement and data capture perspective. The content’s form ranges from traditional to out-of-the-box marketing. From blog and social media posts to guerrilla marketing, we develop captivating content and valuable web and social data capture.


Information Development,
Copywriting and Storytelling

We tell YOUR story. By getting to know your brand from the inside out, we artfully craft each and every narrative. From a succinct social media post to website copy to copious presentations and annual reports, your message comes through.


Should You Hire an External


“Outsourcing your marketing team is a big decision for any company. Used correctly, it can bring plenty of value by putting your organization in expert hands.”

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Social Media Strategy, Content Development And Platform Management

We analyze which social media platforms will achieve the most momentum and ROI for your brand. Our sophisticated solutions enable you to deliver personalized campaigns across multiple online and offline channels.



Visual Identity, and Graphic Design

Whether you’re a startup in search of a unique identity, or an established entity looking to rebrand, we build and position your brand as a distinct, credible, relevant and memorable marque. We blend our collective experiences and exacting strategies with a touch of intuition to rethink your brand’s vision and architecture. Our ability to creatively articulate your story and beautifully design your look results in a strong expression of your narrative and brand.

Case Study

Taking Over The World

Learn how moxie helps GardaWorld, the world’s largest privately owned global security company, improve their corporate image, brand recognition and internal and external communications.

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Nathalie de Champlain

VP of Marketing & Communications

“A vision for more complex long term initiatives and meticulous attention to the daily details. Whether advising on the selection of color values for our logo, or orchestrating the proper execution of new collateral for our brand showed through in every project.”

Design and Production of
On-Screen and Printed


With our branding, visual design and technical expertise, your on-screen presentations and matching printed handouts will make a strong and memorable impression on your audience—all with the presentation tools of your preference, including PowerPoint and Apple Keynote.




Design and development of both entry level and enterprise level website and e.commerce solutions for startups and established multinational companies, including branded company stores featuring logoed merchandise for company brand loyalty and audience engagement.


Trade Show And Conference

Displays and Exhibits

Trade show displays and exhibits extend beyond the trade show floor. Convenient tools like pop-up banners and modular displays allow for flexibility and transportability to bring your brand to your customer’s attention at exhibition halls and sponsored event.


Shifting Marketing

to a New Way of Collaboration

“Improving the way internal and external teams collaborate can take a marketing campaign to that next level.”

How We Do It

We Embody Your Brand’s Identity

With each new moxie client comes extensive research on your brand, your history and your industry. Indeed, each member of our team serves as an extension of your brand and through that perspective creates compelling content and material. So much so, that quite often colleagues think that our clients’ businesses are our own.

A Scalable Talent-On-Demand Team

Moxie’s team expands and contracts to suit each project, or as we see it, creative mission. So, we always have top-notch team members on the ready. We are set to assist you in gearing up for ongoing marketing initiatives and preparing for extraordinary endeavors – such as a product launch, special event or trade show.

Reduced, Predictable Marketing Costs

As your external marketing team, moxie provides you with both cost predictability and savings. Together, we establish your priority creative initiatives and deliverables and accordingly adjust them to your working budget. As we handle your marketing endeavors, it effectively reduces your employee downtime, training and operational costs.

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Oh Sanford… you had me at uni-ball

As a fan of USA Network’s series, “Suits” I chuckled during a recent episode when Louis Litt practically had a meltdown over the fact that Pearson Darby no longer supplied uni-ball pens. This resonated with me on many levels. While in Law School at the University of Illinois, uni-balls were the only pens I would […]

It’s In the Bag

With the growing demand of environmentally consciousness sentiments, disposable plastic bags have fallen out of favor. Grocery and other reusable totes (which I will call “shopping bags” from here on out) have proliferated, which can be considered a win, not only for the environment, but also the promotional products industry. Indeed some companies encourage the […]


Recently, AdAge® covered some clever ways in which A&E®’s acclaimed series, “Duck Dynasty®” merchandising has proven successful. In particular, Walmart® carries many “Duck Dynasty” branded items, including antibacterial bandages. Given the show’s success, it may come to no surprise that the merchandising success has followed. One might say that when it comes to marketing, they […]

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Promotional Products, Corporate Gifts And Greeting Cards

Merchandise branded with your company logo that is useful, noteworthy and fun swag that serves as an extension of your brand. From everyday items such as bags, and pens to designer watches, and everything in-between. Corporate gifts, often higher-end merchandise, show customer and employee appreciation. Greeting cards are customizable for personal or business use.