With the unprecedented pace of life and work, seeking out sources of inspiration proves both necessary and healthy – regardless of one’s industry. That said, those of us who work in the creative realm, often feel irresistibly compelled to absorb as many forms of stimuli as we can handle to ignite new ideas fueled with passion.

This week, Lior Azoulai (creative director) and I (chief moxie officer) ventured to The Bass Museum in Miami to experience the special DESTEFASHIONCOLLECTION exhibit.

Walking amid the fanciful couture, accessories and related exhibit photography, propelled me into another world. In this world, an outfit can not only transform one’s persona, but also her or his possibilities. It’s amazing how fashion, even our down-to-earth daily wardrobe repertoire, on some level, represents each of us as a brand.

Indeed, fashion manifests as part of our form of creative expression – this applies to both individuals as a brand, as well as entities.

If you’d like to get transported into the avant-garde world where art and fashion collide, then you must check out the DESTEFASHIONCOLLECTION at The Bass Museum in Miami this weekend before it wraps.

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