Design and Production of
On-Screen and Printed
PowerPoint Presentations

With our branding, visual design and technical expertise, your on-screen presentations and matching printed handouts will make a strong and memorable impression on your audience—all with the presentation tools of your preference, including PowerPoint and Apple Keynote.

Slide Deck and Printed Handout Design

The look of the deck you present to your audience and the feel of the printed handout they keep, are critical to the reinforcement of your message and expression of your brand.

Motion Graphics and Animation

Within a few seconds, a beautifully shot and edited video or a full-motion animation, will tell your story in a far more impactful and effective way than a collection of static slides.

Branded Slide Deck Template Design

While generic PowerPoint templates are convenient, branded decks convey your message through the strength and distinction of your brand far more effectively.

Infographic, Chart and Graph Design

When using generic diagrams, the viewer thinks ‘same chart, different data’. But, by uniquely depicting your data in a compelling way, your viewer is far more engaged.

“The success of your presentation will be judged not by the knowledge you send but by what the listener receives.”

Lilly Walters