Pueblito Viejo Restaurants

Voted Best Columbian Restaurant by the MIAMI NEW TIMES, Pueblito Viejo is a family owned pair of Miami and Chicago based restaurants. Pueblito Viejo was envisioned by its owner Gonzalo Rodriguez throughout his adolescence. His ancestors, Colombian roots, and a collection of International music his mother left behind inspired Pueblito Viejo.

Prior to entering one of the Pueblito Viejo restaurants, it is difficult to fathom what a surreal environment awaits the guests. The tame-looking exterior of these restaurants belie the colorful and dreamlike interior that transports visitors to thee Andean countryside.

Flowers, stuffed dolls, instruments, flags, and traditional Colombian clothing hang from the ceilings, while paintings, photographs, and a seemingly endless array of knickknacks line the walls.

Our challenge, for the Pueblito Viejo website, was to visually express the festive energy of these exciting restaurants. We, and the Pueblito Viejo owners feel that we did.