Consumer Intelligence & Engagement Analytics

Social Media Strategy, Content Development and Platform Management: We analyze which social media platforms will achieve the most momentum and return on investment for your brand. Our sophisticated solutions enable you to deliver personalized campaigns across multiple online and offline channels.

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eCommerce Website Design & Development

We design beautifully modern and sophisticated websites that adhere to web design and SEO best practices. As mobile usage prevails, we follow a mobile-first paradigm without sacrificing visual consistency on larger computer screens. So, your website automatically and dynamically scales and repositions content to properly fit onto a mobile phone, tablet or desktop screen. Depending on your needs, we develop on platforms ranging from Shopify to WooCommerce.

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Retail and Pop-Up Interior & Architectural Design

The retail experience is dynamic, stimulating and indeed a form of entertainment. Not only does the physical space shape the consumer’s journey, but also each element they see, touch, hear and smell. Your space must embody your brand, your message and the quality of your products, all while providing your customers with a positive, memorable and engaging visit. Unlike online shopping, retail settings provide consumers with an immersive and experiential exploration.

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Touchscreen Kiosks & Immersive Video Walls

In an increasingly online shopping world, fun interactive touchscreen kiosks and immersive interactive video walls offer tremendous in-store customer engagement, data capture and retention potential. Our creative and technical team can design and produce content to enable your customers to explore your products, and as they do so, they can register their mailing address, email and phone number to receive news and promotions.

Branding Strategy & Retail Marque Building

Whether you’re a startup in search of a unique identity, or an established retailer looking to rebrand, we build and position your brand as a distinct, credible, relevant and memorable marque. We blend our collective experiences and exacting strategies with a touch of intuition to rethink your brand’s vision and architecture. Our ability to creatively articulate your story and beautifully design your look, results in a strong expression of your narrative and brand.

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