For its owners, SoloContigo started as a trip to Buenos Aires and Mendoza to discover the land of tango, gauchos and wine. What began for them as a casual adventure, became a journey of wine discovery, and a budding love affair with Argentina. Tasting wines and visiting wine regions has been a major part of their travel experiences around the globe. When they decided to take a trip to the wine country in Argentina, they immediately fell in love with the Malbecs of Mendoza, the terroir, the Andes, and especially the people. Purchasing their own vineyard and making their own wine was an organic next step that evolved into a dream come true!

The founders of SoloContigo have an equal dose of love and passion for both winemaking and fine arts. This perfectly coincided with our plans to blend their two loves into their branding, from our designs for their printed collateral, to their website, to even original works of art—it all just fits.


One of several tasting Notes created for each SoloContigo vintage.


A blend of digital imaging and natural media.