Team moxie

Jennie Azoulai

Often described as a Renaissance woman, given her diverse range of talents, Jennie embodies the perfect harmony between unbridled innovation and practical manifestation. Her combined interests, academic achievements, globetrotting and professional ambitions led her to adventures in law, acting, writing, fine-arts, teaching and public speaking. As a true creative-analytical hybrid, Jennie found her niche in the realm of branding, marketing, conceptual design and audience engagement, where she applies her eclectic savvy with a refreshing fluidity.

Lior Azoulai

Lior Azoulai is a highly experienced art director, brand architect, graphic designer, architectural designer and fine artist. Born in Israel but raised around the world, Lior was exposed to a multitude of visually rich and diverse cultures and design sensibilities—from the pop-art and modernism movements of the Western world while living in Paris and New York, to the intricately ornate and intensely colorful expressions of the Eastern world while living in India and Thailand, to the blend of East meets West while living in Israel.

Sasha Hefler

Sasha’s multifaceted interests, ranging from athletics to politics, in tandem with her acute strategic ability, led her to excel in many pursuits. From high-level marketing, public relations and communication game plans, to real estate and even semi-pro tennis, Sasha always brings her A-game. As the mastermind behind multi-million dollar marketing campaigns on an international scale, Sasha’s infuses her blueprints with industry best practices, cultural influences while artfully keeping her eye on the bottom-line.

Katrien Malta

A multilingual adventure-chaser with international exposure, Katrien has a background in languages and literature, a passion that originated in Flanders and accompanied her to the French-Canadian countryside, the shores of Wales, the land of Don Quijote, and the Honduran jungle, a merry-go-round of places where she lived. She dedicates most of her time to the written word: creating, translating, and interpreting. These days, she calls Boca Raton, Florida home where she enjoys the diversity and beauty of South Florida living.

Austina Alexis

While Austina hails from the Caribbean, she honed her architectural and design skills in New York and then further polished them in San Francisco. Her wide variety of multidisciplinary interests reflects as a fusion of influences in her work. Inspired by computers at a very young age, coupled with her love of the arts, have fueled her career as a design technologist. Engaging skills from industrial and architectural design to graphic design and coding, she avidly discovers solutions to the design needs of today’s evolving technological world.

Stevan Fane

When Stevan got exposed to photography, he immediately realized that he would have a camera in hand for the rest of his life. With a desire to maximize his craft, he left his home of South Florida to study, train and launch his commercial photography career in New York City. Drawing upon inspiration from his travels around Europe, Israel and the myriad influences abound in New York, Stevan’s photography work in fashion, fitness, product, architecture and landscape, captures both an ethereal essence and an artful edge.

Romy Miller

Through her college studies in mass media and social media, both in Gainesville, Florida and Florence, Italy, Romy Miller is our millennials and youth engagement ambassador and content developer. She currently majors in Public Relations at the University of Florida with plans to pursue a law degree. Her love for international travel has led her to do volunteer work in Jamaica and explorations in Israel. Her passion for giving back to the community, and the world at-large, is evident in her philanthropic work at UF, raising funds to fight childhood cancer.