It’s In the Bag

With the growing demand of environmentally consciousness sentiments, disposable plastic bags have fallen out of favor. Grocery and other reusable totes (which I will call “shopping bags” from here on out) have proliferated, which can be considered a win, not only for the environment, but also the promotional products industry.

Indeed some companies encourage the environmentally responsible choice through incentives. Target, for example, will give 5¢ to customers for each bag they bring to load their purchases. And, if you shop at Target as much as I do, this 5¢ per bag really can add up to dollars rather quickly.

Others are blazing trails, such as the City of Austin, Texas—which banned retailers from using disposable plastic bags. While Austin is the largest U.S. city to adopt this measure, to be sure, other cities will follow.

Aside from the trendiness factor, reusable shopping bags are extremely functional and thereby increase the likelihood of their use. Coupled with a fantastic imprint design, you can ensure that your promotion is, well, in the bag.

A few years ago, I began representing a line called Envirosax. The amount of enthusiasm I have toward these bags is at times comical, but the truth is, their bags seem to have it all—looks, function (can hold up to 44 lbs.), and compactness (they fold and snap) so they can be stashed in one’s purse, briefcase, car, or even one’s pocket, should they choose.

While Envirosax offers a fashion line for retail, their newly added corporate markets line, allows for logo and design customization to suit your brand.


If one wants to reinforce the eco-friendly aspect of doing a shopping bag promotion, a great option is to go with one made out of recycled material, such as the Gemline recycled cotton market bag. Another benefit is that this bag is machine washable. Another clever interpretation of the recycled shopper, is a bag made out of recycled plastic bottles, such as this 100% Laminated Recycled Shopper from Gemline.

Shopping bags, in and of themselves, or as part of shopping bag sets, make great giveaways. A welcome set to those arriving to a trade show or sales conference will come in very handy for those who have traveled to attend. For those just walking a trade show floor, well, they too will welcome an extra bag to carry their loot. City and Township Fairs, school related events and farmers markets are just a few of the types of events that lend themselves to shopping bags.

Grand openings, special mall or other retail sales/events could also get a lot of mileage out of a shopping bag giveaway.

The opportunity to tie-in such a promotion with an eco-friendly initiative can further the cause and the consciousness of both the environment, and your brand, and thus your ROI.